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Advanced New Technology Hunts For The Best Content For Your Audience And Instantly Mixes It Up Into A Unique Free Traffic Generator, Skyrocketing Your Authority And 6x-ing Your Conversions…

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Let’s Have A Deeper Dive Into How Quick, Easy & Effortless Content Artemis Is To Use

Do You Want To Drive Limitless FREE Traffic To Your Sites, Blogs And Offers…?

9 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Be Without Content Artemis

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You’ll Generate More And Hotter Leads

When your audience views your content created with Content Artemis, they’re more likely to purchase from you in the future. “The more delighted a visitor is with your free, useful content, the more likely they are to click your call-to-action and move onto your offers.” HubSpot

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No Writing. No Design. No Effort Required.

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Effortlessly Build Your Authority

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Bring Free Traffic To Your Offers

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Get More Traction On Social Media 

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Generate More Hotter Leads

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Build Brand Awareness & Create Loyal Fans

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Make Your Prospects Know Like & Trust You More

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Rank Higher On Google & Get Better SEO

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Save Money On Your Marketing

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Make Perfect Shareable Content In Just Minutes

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Never Have To Write ANYTHING Yourself

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Effortlessly Add Images & Video With Nothing To Pay

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Share On Blogs, Websites, Social Media, Email & More

Making Perfect Content Like This In Minutes Is As Easy As Counting To 5

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Step 2

Choose Your Articles (You Don’t have To Write A Thing).

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Step 1

Enter Your Keyword. (Enter ANY Word, Niche or Interest…)

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Step 3

Choose Your Images & Add Videos. (Your Don’t Need To Pay For Anything Or Make Anything Yourself).

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Step 5

Share To Your Site, Social Media or Blog & Drive Endless Free Traffic Your Way.

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Step 4

Spin, Mix & Edit. (To Make Your Content Completely Unique And Make Google LOVE You).

Would YOU Like 6x Higher Conversion Rates? 

If you answered yes, in just a few short moments, I’m going to show you how YOU can get those sort of conversion rates for yourself. 

Without EVER: Having to write ANYTHING yourself. Create or pay for a single image… Make a video or ever have to step foot on camera.

All completely legally. 

And created and shared and out there multiplying your conversions in literally MINUTES. 

There’s No Denying That Content Is King

But For Just The Next 60 Seconds, Let’s Talk About Why We DON’T Do Enough Content Marketing…

Even Though It’s So Profitable / Effective…

But Don’t Feel Bad, It’s Not Just You And I That Struggle…

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64% Of B2B Marketers Outsource Writing As It’s Such A Specialist And Time-Consuming Job 


I get it, writing copy is time-consuming (believe me – I know!) 

Writing content is hard. It takes research. It takes time. It can be tedious. And we’re not all naturally gifted or confident writers. 

(Even those of us who think we are – can struggle a lot – so believe me, I know what you’re going through…)

So – unless you want to do it all yourself – and let’s face it – who has the time for that?!

You could pay someone else to write your content for you…

neil patel
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Conversion Rates Are Nearly 6x Higher For Content Marketing Adopters Than Non-Adopters

– Neil Patel Via Aberdeen

neil patel
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Content Production Is The Biggest Challenge For 44% Of All Marketers

– Neil Patel Via Aberdeen

BUT – Estimates for blog content range from $150 a post to $3,000 for a freelance writer, but you could go the route of hiring a full-time staff writer to create content for you on a regular basis…

And then you need to deal with the stress of chasing them up and making sure they deliver on their promises. 

But who needs the hassle of that? So you could always copy other people’s content.

Problem is – not can that get you MASSIVELY into trouble… It also makes Google HATE you. 

Tanking your ranking. 

So You:

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Don’t want to pay for someone else to write it for you (Too expensive and 

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Don’t have the time to write your own (Takes forever)

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Can’t copy from other people

But: You still want to get the excellent results that content marketing gives you: 

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click here to more information

Content Marketing Generates About 3 Times As Many Leads As Traditional Marketing


So If You Want 3 Times As Many Leads And Get 6x Better Conversions – You Need To Be Doing Content Marketing

(And that’s why more than “93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing”. CMI)

And it’s not just important for now. 

Content marketing is only going to get more and more crucial to your results. 

And if you’re not doing it, then you’re falling behind. 

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78% Of Cmos Believe Custom Content Is The Future Of Marketing


Just Imagine, In Just A Few Minutes You Will Be Able To Have The Perfect Traffic-Pulling Content Every Time…

The one you hear in your head. 

The one that you wish you could write. But you simply don’t have the time. Or the writing ability. 

The one that perfectly suits your business and your brand. 

The one that generates TONS of free traffic from your sites, social media, blogs and more. 

Driving red hot leads straight to your offers. 

One that sky-rockets your authority and builds your online presence…

The one that looks great and stands out with images that call out to your prospects. 

And even optimizes the text so it perfectly suits you and your brand.

Without You Ever Having To: 

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Pay for a single image

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Write a line of text

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Make a video or ever have to step foot on camera


Content Artemis

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Instant Content. Bigger Authority. Better Conversions. Unlimited Traffic. More Profits. Zero Effort.

R E A S O N   # 1

You’ll Get More Likes, Follows And Shares On Social Media

Regularly sharing content from Content Artemis helps your business gain traction on social media.

R E A S O N   # 2

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Your Audience Will Trust You More

And we all know that we buy from people who we know, like and trust. When you create value without taking anything in return, your audience is more likely to trust your advice and recommendations.

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R E A S O N   # 3

You’ll Get Better Conversions

Remember Neil Patel and Aberdeen say that conversion rates are 6x higher when you use content marketing. The content you make and share with Content Artemis reduces doubt and resistance to buy from your audience. Giving them more positive associations needed to make an informed purchase.

R E A S O N   # 4

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You Build Your Authority In Your Niche

Quickly turning you into an industry expert. Your content quickly created with Content Artemis is going to show off your expertise and establish your business as a credible place. 

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R E A S O N   # 5

Your Business Will Rank Higher On Google

The content you make and share with Content Artemis will help you be more visible online and make you rank higher in search engines.

R E A S O N   # 6

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You’ll Build Brand Awareness And Create Loyal FANS

All the people who raved about your content and associated all those great feelings to your brand are very likely to become brand advocates before ever purchasing your product.

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R E A S O N   # 7

Your Audience Will Stick Around And Keep Paying For Longer

The content you create with Content Artemis will create positive RECURRING experiences for your potential customers and compel them to keep coming back for more.

R E A S O N   # 8

And Last, But By No Means Least

R E A S O N   # 9

You’ll Actually Save Money On Your Marketing Strategy

HubSpot says that content marketing has remained first the most cost-effective marketing strategy available over the past 10 years! 

And that’s WITHOUT Content Artemis. 

Remember, upfront costs for content marketing are normally pretty expensive – (from $150 to $3,000 a post) 

– Unless you want to do it all yourself – and let’s face it – who has the time for that?!

Yet HubSpot says that even with THESE costs ^^ when compared to paid advertisements, video marketing, and traditional marketing, content wins the battle every time. 

So Just Imagine HOW Valuable Your Content Created In Just Minutes With Content Artemis Is Going To Be For You And Your Business.

When You Don’t Have To Pay ANY Of These Costs

Here’s where you can get creative and make your perfect content recipe.

And if you don’t want to do the mixing yourself…

Let Spin Rewriter do the hard work and mix it all up automatically for you. 

Seamlessly integrated as standard, Spin Rewriter will make sure that your content is bespoke, perfectly suited to you and your brand and totally unique – 

And you’ll never have to worry that Google will penalize you – as everything you make with Content Artemis is completely new, spun, and mixed up to the perfect recipe for you and your audience. 

So you benefit from all that profit-making Google SEO love.

You can also edit and add to your articles yourself if you like. And get creative with a ton of special ingredients. 


Social Buttons



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Images & Galleries

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S T E P   # 5

Share your spoils with your fans who are going to LOVE your delicious juicy content

You Can Share Your Content Artemis Content On: 

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Your Sites

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Social Media

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Your Blogs

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Via Email

Plus We’ve Made It Easier Than Ever To Get Your Content Out To The Masses.

Seamlessly Integrates With: 

So you can automate ALL of your social posting to all of your social media. 

Meaning sharing your Content Artemis can be COMPLETELY HANDS OFF – And you can reuse and recycle your content to get maximum results from less effort. 

So you can instantly zap to more than 3,000 tools.

Here’s All The Ways You Can Use Content Artemis:

Here’s Some Examples Of The Niches You Can Create Content For With Content Artemis:

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Affiliate Marketing

icon 034

Selling Information Products

icon 036

Coaching and Consulting

icon 038

Selling Digital Marketing Services

icon 037

Membership Websites And Membership Programs

icon 039

Freelancing And Virtual Assistant Work

icon 041

Selling Handmade Goods

icon 040

SAAS – Software As A Service

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icon 045

Fitness and Weight Loss

icon 047

Dating and Relationships

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icon 050

Real Estate

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icon 051

Wealth Building Through Investing

icon 053

Beauty Treatments

icon 052

Make Money on the Internet

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Gadgets & Technology

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Personal Finance

And so much more… You Can Create Content For Both Online And Offline Businesses.

And You Don’t Just Have To Create Content For Yourself. With Content Artemis You Can Create Unlimited Content For Others.

And Charge Them $150 – $3,000 For The Privilege

You already know that people are desperate for content –

And that they don’t have the time or talent to make it for themselves. 

So now that making top quality, traffic-pulling content is quicker and easier than ever before. 

It gives you a great opportunity to sell content to needy businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs and pocket the cash. 

Whether you decide to make money on Fiverr, Freelancer, with your existing agency or simply B2B –

The one thing you can be sure of is that you are going to make

Big Profits For Little Time And Little Effort.

And All It’s Going To Cost You For Unlimited Traffic-Pulling Content Created Quickly In Just 5 Easy Clicks Is Just:

Plus When You Grab Your Copy During This Exclusive Launch Period, You’re Also Going To Get These Exclusive Bonuses

B O N U S   # 1

2,000 Categorized Content Sources

2000 Instant content sources for your immediate use. Categories from World news, Health care, Marketing and more.  

Value $147

B O N U S   # 2

100 Top RSS Feed Sources

Add immediate authority with ZERO searching. We’ve lined up 100 of the best Content Artemis feeds.

Value $97

B O N U S   # 3

SEO For 2021

Get your content to RANK. Front page for all the free traffic you could ever wish for.

Value $97

B O N U S   # 4

SEO Artemis MasterClass

Exclusive Interview With SEO Guru Brian Kato, outlining the best practices for your Content SEO, specifically for Content Artemis.

Value $147

B O N U S   # 5

Adsense Artemis

Making money with your content by enabling one of the webs most passive income models. Content meets Adsense with this step by step guide.

Value $97

B O N U S   # 6

100 Snippet Quotes From The Worlds Famous People

With quotes from Albert Einstein through to Bill gates – add these to your Content Artemis snippet library for instant authority in your content.

Value $27

*Bonuses can be removed from this offer at any time, so act fast to guarantee YOUR exclusive bonus package.

There Is Nothing On The Market Like Content Artemis

So you can rest assured that you will be getting unlimited content for an incredible deal. 

No Matter How Much It Helps You To:

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Drive FREE Traffic To Your Sites, Social Media and Offers

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Build Your Authority

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Save You Money On Paid Traffic

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Get You More Likes, Follows And Shares On Social Media

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Generate 3X The Leads (And Hotter Ones At That!) 

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Get 6x Better Conversions

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Develop Your Brand Awareness And Build Loyal Fans

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Get You Higher Rankings On Google

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Need To Employ Any Team Members Or Waste Money On Unreliable Freelancers

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Give You An Extra Money Making Outlet Making Content For External Clients

You’re Getting An Unbeatable Deal On This Very Clever App

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Content Artemis MONTHLY

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Launch Only Special – Including Content Artemis & All Bonuses

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Click Here To Get Instant Access To Content ArtemisClick Here To Get Instant Access To Content ArtemisClick Here To Get Instant Access To Content ArtemisClick Here To Get Instant Access To Content Artemis

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Add Unlimited Content For Our Low Monthly Fee

No Contracts. 

Cancel Anytime

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